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About New Super Geneo+

A revolutionary and award-winning anti-ageing facial that is loved by celebrities and beauty editors.

Integrating Oxygeno with renowned TriPollar Radio Frequency technology, Geneo+ delivers superior skin nourishment and anti-ageing results. It cleanes and exfoliates, preparing the skin to receive nutrient rich infusions. In addition, CO2 bubbles trigger a natural mechanism to bring oxygen rich blood to the skin. Radio Frequency is used to stimulate fibroblast activity to produce collagen formulation and immediately tighten collagen fibres. The result? Smoothness, tightening, reduced pore appearance, reduction in fine lines, reduction in wrinkle depth and brighter skin.

  • Gentle exfoliation of the outer layer of skin
  • Infusion of unique revitalising formulae
  • Packed with peptides
  • Oxygenation generated from within
  • Tightening and Contouring
  • No downtime necessary so you may resume your daily routine immediately.

A  minimum of a course of 6 is recommended followed by a monthly maintenance to ensure results are maintained.  For more mature skin or skin with low levels of elasticity, more treatments may be recommended.

For more information about Super Geneo+ click here.

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