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About Anesi Facials

Anesi Beaute is a superior Spanish skin range meticulously produced by an established and highly acclaimed company that has been a market leader in Spain for 35 years. Although relatively new to the UK market, Anesi is well established in the USA, Australia and other European countries.

Anesi`s belief is that a hydrated skin is a healthy skin. There would be no life without water. The skin is the largest organ in our body and therefore needs proper hydration. Our skin acts as a physical barrier to protect us from external agents such as pollution, UV radiation, dust etc. and therefore is the first organ to suffer the symptoms of dehydration.

The water content in our skin reduces with age and from sun damage, leading to the appearance of dehydration: dry skin, loss of firmness, dullness, wrinkles and flaking. Added to this excessive heat, dry or cold air, air conditioning or harsh products can cause de-hydration, making it essential to supply moisturising ingredients which work both on the surface of the skin and deep down in the dermis.

Anesi beaute introduces a new era in intensive hydration with the launch of Aqua Vita suitable for all skin types that want to enjoy the benefits of hydration in 3 dimensional form. Aqua Vital contains polarised water which increases the absorption of water through the cell walls and helps prevent moisture from evaporating. An accumulation of toxins inside the cells can make the skin look tired and lifeless so Anesi also incorporates Celldetox to detoxify and deeply cleanse the skins cells.

In summary a hydrated skin is healthy and looks supple and smooth with even skin tone. Once this is achieved there are exciting anti-ageing treatments and products including the fabulous Stem C3 where amazing results are attainable.

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